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Chicago, long known as the Windy City, has become world-renowned as a food mecca, known for its diverse culinary offerings. Devanco Foods manufactures two of the most popular items that originated right here in Chicago – Gyros and Italian Beef with an ever-growing product list. Established in 1993, Devanco Foods is Family Owned and Operated with over 100 years of experience collectively in the Food Manufacturing business. We pride ourselves on making the best of the best. We take our dedication to flavor and quality seriously and require nothing but the best for our partners. With demand from our customers for a larger variety of quality products, Devanco expanded its offerings in 2018 by acquiring: 

•    Zacca Hummus - The only true Farm to Table Hummus

•    Gridley Meats - Full Line of Halal Beef and Deli Items

•    Eleni’s Plant-Based Products - Plant-Based Meat Alternatives & in 2019

•    Schmacon™ - Certified Angus Beef® brand Beef Bacon

We are proud to say our company is focused on serving the highest quality products available while providing outstanding 24/7 customer service!

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We have been family-owned and operated since 1993. Since then, we have set and executed goals to drive innovation and produce quality products. Our mission is to be the most innovative food manufacturing company producing the highest quality products that create value while maintaining unequivocal relationships with our customers.

Peter Bartzis

CEO - Devanco Foods

Frozen foods award cover 2020

Capabilities Overview

Food Safety Standards  

In 2018, we moved into a brand new and a state of the art production facility that is 105,000 sq ft. with over 15 production and packaging lines with room to expand as business grows. the facility is equipped with real-time inventory management systems, electronically monitored led lighting, ovens, chillers, freezers, an IQF tunnel, a guest kitchen, automatic floor sanitation, and more.

Certificates: SQF, HACCP, PCQI, Halal, Kosher on Select Items, Non-GMO, FDA Approved, USDA Grant of Inspection

At Devanco Foods, we take our certifications and inspections seriously. we want our customers to know we can be trusted to provide quality products that are safe for all! some of our certifications include SQF, HACCP, PCQI, Halal, Kosher (select items), non-GMO (select items), and more. With this, we have a USDA grant of inspection and are inspected daily. we are also an FDA-approved facility.

Devanco - Frozen Foods Processor of the year 2020
Image by Promodhya Abeysekara


Devanco Foods wins 2020 Frozen Food Processor of
the Year and placed first in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’
2020 Best New Retail Products contest for its No MSG
Gyros Kits.


In 2004 the current ownership group purchased Devanco Foods and grew the business from $3 Million to $10 Million, developed a new logo of the Chicago Skyline to tie to Chicago’s First and Finest Gyros and Chicago Style Italian Beef. Devanco Foods products were originally sold only in Food Service all across the United States and internationally.


Devanco Foods was established in 1993 by George Apostolou. The name was formed as a combination of his two son’s names Deno and Avangelo to signify the combination of Greek and Italian Foods.


Devanco Foods expanded into the retail sector of the industry when we partnered with Mike Ditka (Da Coach) to bring his Chicago Style Italian Beef and Giardiniera to life!

Image by Promodhya Abeysekara


Devanco Foods moved into a brand new, state of the art 105,000 sq foot SQF Certified Facility. We also won the Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development in Illinois Award. Acquired Zacca Hummus, Gridely Meats & Elenis Plant-Based Products.

Image by Wright Brand Bacon


Devanco Foods family welcomes Schmacon™ under the Devanco Foods Umbrella bringing a patented process for our now globally expanding beef bacon products line.

Devanco Text

Devanco Foods prides itself on developing and crafting the best meat products on a global scale. From American favorites like Hamburgers, Italian Beef, and Chicken Patties to international specialties like Italian Sausage, Gyros, Chicken Gyros, and Beef Bacon. We use the highest quality ingredients and focus on creating products that exceed expectations.

Download our product guide to learn more about Devanco Foods and our Dedication to Flavor.

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